Web designer, graphic artist, systems engineer, user interface expert, musician, songwriter, author...these are some of the titles I held over the years.

Each one adds just a bit to what has been given to me as a gift...I just happen to be able to design cool web sites and graphics.

I like to share that gift with you and a create a Harmonic Website for you.







I've been developing software applications and websites for over 20 years.

I've created websites for one of the top internet marketers, well marketers period... Best selling author of way too many books to mention here, Dr. Joe Vitale, as well as some other business partners, good friends, and satisfied clients. You can check out my portfolio here.

The business software I've written has processed close to 3 billion dollars in medical insurance claims and is part of the core software systems that run a multi-million dollar corporation. The software is part of a package that is currently running in US Department of Defense medical facilities, for Veterans Administration facilities, and for commercial hospitals all over the world.

I've written some very large software systems, designed the databases that are used to run them, and managed the development and growth of the systems that support them. I have some great folks that work for me that do the heavy lifting in that area these days.

I love designing web sites now because of the robust toolset we have at our fingertips to convey any ideas we choose.

What are your ideas? What do you want to say to your client, customers, or followers?

I'd love to help you get those ideas out there to the folks that want to hear and see it...to customize to your message to your audience.

The harmony of music, video, graphics, images, and the written word are powerful in their ability to influence large number of people.

What would you influence large numbers of people to do? I'd love to help.

Here's to the empowerment of your dreams.




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